Monday, September 17, 2012

Top Gun 80 - 2 Day - September 3rd - 5th

Top Gun 80 - 2 Day - September 3rd - 5th, 2012


Well once again Scott and decided to got fish the Pacific Ocean on the Top Gun 80. Scott or myself had not been on this boat before and we super excited about trying it. I still cant believe we could not convience anyone to come with us. The fishing as been off the charts. And the weather was going to exellent.

The boat only had 19 anglers but had a max load of 25. We were stoked we didn't have a full load of fisherman. Once we left the bait receiver the plan was to travel all night and start fishing about 6:00 am. They said we would start fishing about 130 south of San Deigo, California


Scott Getting ready to slay some fish!!!

Trolling on day 1.

Sunrise on the Pacific. Day 2
I think those are the only clouds we saw that day!!!

Day one was pretty uneventful.We did alot of trolling with only a handful of fish being caught. I think most of the fisherman didn't catch anything on day 1.

I must say Scott and I were dispointed about the amount of fish Caught on Day 1. I was hopeful that day 2 was not going to be a repeat of day one!!!

Another sunrise picture from Day 2

Day 2 turned out to be a much better day than day 1 for fishing. When we woke up and start the trolling rotation it didn't take 15 minites to get bit and it was on!!! Lucky for Scott and I we were on the first rotation as our  number were 1 & 3!!! At our first stop we (the boat) ended up with 28 and we probably lost 20. I know I lost 3 on that stop alone!!!

Scott's fish!!!

That is a happy angler!!!

Another nice one for #1

A couple yellowfin!!!

Me and my Yellowfin!!!

All and all this was a great trip. We boated plenty of fish!!! Scott ended up with 8 (7 Yellowfin & 1 Skipjack). I had 7 total myself (4 Yellowfin, 2 Yellowtail, & 1 Dorado). The boat was super nice and clean. We had awesome weather!!!I loved the fact that we had a state room with a sink in it. The food was really good and the crew was solid. My only complaint was the bait. And the boat has no control over that.

Until next time, MF-Fishing!!!!!

Scott's Video!!!!!

Channel Islands & Oxnard, CA. 6-21-2012 to 6-24-2012

   Well we finally made our maiden voyage on the Pacific Ocean with our boat The Meeting Room. Scott and I were the only ones that could make this trip. Jim & Shawn both stayed behind. Apparently they just couldn't get enough of the Vegas HEAT!!!! I was super excited and nervous all at the same time.
After the 6 1/2 hour drive we were at The Channel Islands harbor. We purchased our California fishing licenses and we were ready to go!!!

Scott the boat master!!!!

Leaving the safety of the break wall with a load of squid

Anacapa Island

Channel Island Lighthouse.

All and all it ended up being a good trip. No fish caught!!! Apparently we need to pay our dues to the Pacific Ocean. And we paid alright!!! We nearly capsized the boat on our way to Anacapa Island, but Scott's stellar driving avoided that!!! Mike Madau had to have his music and he did, but it cost us our ignition!!! That is a whole other story, that I don't want to talk about........Until next time, MF-Fishing to all!!!!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The San Juan River 1-14-2012 Thru 1-18-2012

Well we just got back from our annual trip to the San Juan River. I have not fly fished too many places but this is one of my favorite places to fish. This year four of us went. Frank my step Dad, his good friend Joel, one of my best friends Jim and Myself.

We left Las Vegas Nevada on Saturday the 14th at 2 am. That's right 2 am!!!!! Frank is one hardcore man. After a 9 hour drive and checking into our room. We decided to give it a try for a couple of hours. We went and gave The Chutes a try. I didn't do that good, but of course Frank got 5 to his net. Well he has been fly fishing for more than 30 years.

Sunday we had breakfast at Fisheads (great food) before going to the river. What a mistake that was. We all forgot it was MLK weekend, along with the nice weather the place was loaded with fisherman. Once we were settled in and we all found some good areas to fish. With the recent work done on the Braids, there were plenty of new areas to fish. We all started to get the fish. Thanks to Frank helping us get dialed in!!!!

I must say my buddy Jim did great with the fly rod. For a guy who is a bass & saltwater guy. He had never held one until this trip. Now he can add fly fisherman to his resume.

 Jim getting ready to net his first quality fish!!!

                   Jim losing his first quality fish!!! Thanks to hole in his net.

Monday we did not make the same mistake and have breakfast first. What a difference that made. We were in the water at 7:30 am and had the place to ourselves. It was still the holiday weekend, but the weather had started to change (snow & sleet). There were still quite a few people showing up later in the day, just not what we saw the previous day.  Now we were all dialed in, thanks too Frank hooking us up with what to use. I was using peach egg pattern (#16) with a disco bead head midge (#22) below that. 

Tuesday was just awesome!!!! The holiday was over and the place was a ghost town. The snow had cleared but it was very cold out now. But that was fine by us as we are all from Southern Nevada and a little weather is a good change from what we are use to dealing with. The fishing had slowed up, so Frank had us mixing it up on what to use.

Wednesday we gave the Cottonwood campgrounds a try. This is a area were you can keep your catch if you like. Jim wanted to bring  couple home for his family to enjoy. I had never fished this area before. It took sometime for it to work, but I ended up with 8 and we kept 3 of those. We needed to leave by 11 am if we wanted to get home at a decent hour.

I want to thank Frank for turning me onto fly fishing. And his positive energy for making it all happen!!!!!

Until next time.........Miles

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year!!!!!

Well this blog is one of my new years resolutions. To keep track of all of my fishing adventures and to share them with the world. I don't claim to be a writer, just an amateur angler with a passion for fishing. Some might call it an addiction. You can be the judge. I will do any type of fishing, fresh water, saltwater, flyfishing. Anyway, my next adventure will be flyfishing the San Juan river New Mexico.

Until then, Happy New Year!!!!!